Help thelawandjusticepodcast plant their first trees!

Mælt is a new way of planting trees with your friends, family, followers or anyone that is inspired to help change the world for the better.

Helping our planet

We live on a beautiful, wonderful and diverse planet. It might be the most precious place in the entire universe. Unfortunately we haven’t been taking care of it for a while. We are trashing our blue oceans, polluting our blue skies and destroying our green forests. We need to change and do better!

Mælt let's you plant trees to help the planet. And trees are amazing! Not only do they fight the climate crisis, but by planting trees you can help local communities and animals as well ♥

Helping animals

The trees are planted in Madagascar. Madagascar is quite special because it’s home to over 200.000 species of plants and animals that don't exist anywhere else on the planet! But more than 90% of Madagascar’s original forests have been destroyed, displacing entire animal species. 75% of the animals living in Madagascar right now are not found anywhere else on the planet. By planting trees you can help reclaim the land they live on.

Helping local communities

To help plant the trees, we have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects. Eden plants millions of trees around the world each year. What's even better is that they focus on local communities, because communities suffering from deforestation often live in extreme poverty. Eden provides employment, while giving a fair wage that surpasses the minimum wage requirements of Madagascar. By planting trees you can help local communities.

You can help too!

We believe that anyone can inspire change. Inspire people to be better. To do better. Inspire people to do that one small thing that will have a big impact. We believe that you can be that inspiration. With mælt you can plant trees with those around you, because together we can make a big difference!