Helping our planet

We live on a beautiful, wonderful and diverse planet. It might be the most precious place in the entire universe. Unfortunately we haven’t been taking care of it for a while. We are trashing our blue oceans, polluting our blue skies and destroying our green forests. We need to change and do better. And we need to work together!

Plant more together

Our partner

We have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden) to plant our trees. Eden has been planting trees all around the world since 2004. Eden’s unique Employ to Plant methodology: provide sustainable employment to local people to restore and protect their natural environment. By addressing the link between deforestation and extreme poverty, Eden has developed an effective model for reforestation.

Planting in Madagascar

Famous for its unique biodiversity and lush forests, Madagascar has some of the rarest animal and plant species on the planet. Tragically, more than 90% of Madagascar’s original forests have been destroyed, wreaking havoc not only on plant and animal life but also on the local communities’ ability to live sustainably off the land and sea. Entire mangrove estuaries have been cut down along the coast, leaving mudflats to wash into the sea and destroying once-productive fisheries. Many fishers have ended up in indentured servitude to survive.

Helping the animals

Eden have established the Nature Center, enabling Eden employees to rescue and rehabilitate rare tree species and vanishing animal species such as lemurs (named the world’s most endangered mammal group). Many of the animals are rehabilitated and then released into newly reforested areas to repopulate the regions. The center also serves as a community educational and research center.

Be a part of the solution

We hope you feel inspired and want to help the planet, local communities and animals!